Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Normal minutes

Hello all, just thought I should let you know that the bone marrow is still almost def going ahead on the 26th July. I know how that sounds quite flaky but everything has to be completely ok with the donor before it can all go ahead. So nothing is certain until pretty much the last minute.

I have such mixed feelings. I am trying not to count the days down. You know when you go on holiday and sometime around the beginning of the second week you get acutely aware of how many days you have left? Well thats kind of how I feel right now. I'm trying to live in the minute because these minutes have been so, well, normal I suppose. But its impossible not to be aware of every day ticking down to the transplant. But I'm also freaking a bit about swine flu in a way that didn't bother me last week. I know a couple of people that have it and it's been confirmed at Kitty's nursery and it's edging closer and closer to home. So in some ways I'm desperate for Paul to be cocooned on the 13th floor of UCH . But then I also know that the hospital is the worst place to be when there are infectious viruses flying around, but he will be in isolation to a degree so that has to be a bonus.....Arrgghh help - I have to say this is def not a good time to be immuno-supressed!

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