Friday, 12 June 2009


Fuck Retirement, Fucking Rocking, Federal Reserve, Feral Ratbags , Fear and Retribution, Full Roast, Forget Reality, Frugal Rations, Fruity Raspberries FR, FR, FR what else could that stand for? Oh Yeah FULL FUCKING REMISSION!!

What can I say? We have had the best news today Paul is officially a cancer free zone!!!!. The boy, the dreamboat is sitting beside me as I type this and has been feeding me all the FR words. Shit what can I say we are a bit drunk and listening to old tracks and counting our lucky stars and going to bed.

The journey is not over but we can sleep sweetly for a while……..


  1. Here's to fucking retirement, ferel ratbags (which we know lots about!!) full roasts (every sunday from this day onwards!!) Followed by a fuck load of fruity raspberries (from our garden!) BRING IT ONNNNNN!!!!!!!!! Love to you both!

    Love Fwan xxxxx

  2. WHOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zo. xxxxxxx

  3. That's amazing news, it 'frickin rocks!' :)