Monday, 8 June 2009

Homecoming part 2

Sorry it has been a week again and this will be a quick one as I want to get back on the sofa with Paul who has been at home since last Thursday! Yes I have been getting on with actually being with Paul rather than talking about him in virtual space. Basically his temp went down and they finally got a diagnosis on what was giving him the fever - which was C-Dif – one of the many super bugs you get in hospital. Luckily he didn’t get it seriously and was well enough on Thursday to come home where he has been ever since.

He was wiped out by the bug a bit and all his hard work at the gym and with physio seemed to have gone down the spout when he first came back. It’s amazing how a week on his back can wipe him out completely, actually I suppose it’s not that surprising at all stupid Hannah he’s got bloody Cancer. I think I see him as some kind of superhuman man, slaying bugs and such with gladiatorial panache. But I suppose even dreamboats come aground every now and then……By the way for anyone that is confused by this dreamboat term – in the early emails before the blog, when Paul was in ITU the first time, I referred to him as my Scottish dreamboat. ‘Bleurchh’ you balk, ‘Schmaltz’ you shout, too true, I retort. But in those days there wasn’t a dry eye in the house and besides a bit of gooey romance has its place sometimes.

Anyway a few days with the kids seems to be setting him back on the right track. I think family time is the best medicine for Paul. Yesterday he was roasting a chicken merrily in the kitchen, we got all our old vinyl out and danced about (mostly Kitty), drank a bit of wine (mostly me). He’s ordered a food processor from Ebay. This is, he says, the answer to all our problems. We shall, he, says be making vats of hummus and the like. Unless hummus can cure cancer and pay the mortgage (I suppose we could set a table up outside and sell it?) I fail to see how this can help. He is very excited and fired up- so I suppose actually, therein lies answer. Seeing things in black and white does help to clear the fog doesn’t it?

So tomorrow he has to go back in as an outpatient for a PET scan – the one that tells us how much active Lymphoma there is in him. Am I repeating myself? Anyway we get the results on Friday so please, please all chant for him to be at least still in a ‘good partial remission’. Obviously ‘full remission’ would be better. In fact please, please aim high with the chanting for a ‘full remission’. If it doesn’t show this he will have to start more chemo and his odds of beating this bastard Cancer will be even slimmer. But I know this won’t happen, it can’t happen because we need him here, full stop, end of. He’s doing far too well at answering Cassidy’s questions and loafing with Kit’s to go and bugger off again. And the chicken was really bloody tasty!

Meat glorious meat – what next is the question? Chicken satay and sirloin steak, crispy duck with pancakes, Parma ham or chorizo, salt -beef - bagels? Paul’s just making himself a black pudding sandwich – there’s still enough vegetarian inside me to find that revolting.

Anyway will let you know the results, must rush back to the sofa

Kisses H and P x

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