Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Day 3 billion and 6 in the bastard cancer house……

If it feels like this long for me and you guys it must feel twice that for Paul. He has started the Chemo after a bit of touch and go with his cough. The Doc’s have been putting off him coming in as its against hospital policy to have anyone in with any bugs and stuff, which is understandable of course.

So he’s been back in the hotel on Tottenham Court Road till today when he was supposed to be coming home for a few days. But he’s been running a bit of a temperature so they have decided to admit him till it subsides. It means that he hasn’t received any chemo today but they hope to be back on track tomorrow. Meanwhile he is feeling utterly wretched, nauseous, tired and I guess pretty bloody fed up. But I also imagine he’s taking it all with the same good grace and stoicism as usual. I say I think because he has been too sick to talk much today so I’m second guessing his feelings. I feel qualified to do this by now.

This is a short one. The humid stillness is sapping my energy. Will write more when I have news and when I can type without breaking into a sweat……..

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