Tuesday, 3 November 2009

3 words

When the woman who is holiding the cermony asked for three words to describe Paul I found it really hard to narrow it down so I asked for you help

I thought I would post them here for you now

AJ Butterworth : Gentle, proud, and witty.

Nathan: fantasy football god

Becci: Generous, caring and incredibly knowledgable

Gaz: Everybody's Best Friend!

Denise Retallick: intelligent, selfless, fun

Kaye Butterworth Altruistic. Erudite. Handsome

Natalia: Husband. Father. Friend

Jane Harris: Hannah, Kitty, Cassidy.

Natalie Murray: Kind, Generous and warm hearted

Tamara Giltsoff: Generous smart stoic

Wendy Cave: Courage, Wisdom, Wit

Jessie Intellectual, brave scotsman

Tom Foley: "3 words ! doesnt even touch the sides !

check all of these in your thesaurus.........
1 honest.. 2 cantankerous 3 gregariouus 4 special 5 the very best pal all of us are so very blessed and lucky to have known paul and to keep him strong in our hearts always !"

Derek Riddell: caring, happy and fun

Paula Baker Intellegence, Integrity, Inspiring

Jo Hammond: Unassuming, glaswegian, gentleman

Beth: Courageous , loveable , funny

Fran: Rush, Hour, Laughing

Mug: Man and Superman

Rory: Honest

Amber: integrity. wit. Kind

Aiofe: Intelligent, sarcastic and heroic x

Ali: Wise, adventurous and loveable.

Mum: Love,lamb and laughter

Mine will always be

( I've taken mine out because I did it in a rush and looking back I want to put the right words or none at all)

p.s I can and will add to this list so if you want to send your three words then do to hannah_mackey@excite.com

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  1. Having been welcomed into Paul's family i have felt such love and friendship, his courage has been an inspiration to me and he will always live on in our hearts.
    2. FRIEND
    3. FOREVER
    Love Px