Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh and by the way............

You get nothing for two weeks and then I bombard you with entries. I’m like the blogging equivalent of a number 19 bus. This is just a quickie to say I forgot to mention something last night – probably due to the fact that I was on planet love and my mind was fuzzy – oh alright it was also party due to having more than my fair share of red wine too.

Anyway, yesterday I officially became a ‘Lambetarian’. Paul roasted, I feasted and it was goooood. I only had a little as I thought my body might go into shock but it didn’t. I didn’t wake up this morning with chronic stomach ache, nor did I wake with a healthy glow as though the iron had surged to long forgotten territory. I didn’t mourn the past 22 years of abstinence and neither does this feel like a new lifestyle choice. I may or may not eat more – I think I’ll leave that to a random flesh eating urge. But I also think life is way to short to say never, never, never………..

And Paul was pleased x

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  1. Welcome to my new found world (well, three years now) of lamb munching too. I cannot believe what I am reading, but then again I can, as it seems anything and everything is possible with you two. I LOVE YOU. Mari.