Saturday, 16 May 2009


Forgive me blogfather for I have sinned – it has been over a week since my last blogession. This is due to two overriding factors. The first is that during a DIY I decided to unplug the computer which was dead easy – it’s the putting back that was bloody impossible. I’m so cross with myself for being such a pathetic girl and getting into such a state with all the wires and plugs with all their different little faces and pins and pluggy bits and tiny screws. So my ineptness has meant no internet access for a while – therefore no blog entries.

The second reason for my delayed entry and why I am able to post this for you now, is that I have had a VIP staying with me for the last few days that has been occupying my time somewhat. My Scottish dreamboat came home on Thursday afternoon and is still here!! Yes you read right, be you drunk or tired or just habitually confused the last sentence was a truth – and a beautiful one at that.

Basically there was a moment between the last round of chemo and the next one that will start next week where it was decided he was able to come home for a few days. And so here he is and as I don’t want to waste any of those minutes I will sign off and get back to him. He’s currently lounging on the sofa and I am about to curl up with him. I will fill you in properly but I just wanted to justify my absence and also let you know the amazing news.

Big love – a very contented – H and P xxxxxxxxxx

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