Saturday, 12 September 2009

Da Da Da Daaaaaaaa

On Thursday I spent another night overlooking Tottenham Court Road. Except this time I watched the ethereal light of the UCH from the opposite side of the street – from the honeymoon suite of ‘The Grafton’ hotel!

For those that don't alreadyknow Paul and I got hitched in a small ceremony in the chapel of the hospital. We had talked about doing it before but I guess with all that’s going on it was never top of the list. But then we got talking again a couple of weeks ago and suddenly it seemed like a shotgun wedding was just the very thing we had to do! The10th sept was Paul’s 40th birthday so that leant a certain weight to the date.

The day was magical. The registrar was late, the priest was brilliantly bonkers, there were tears, laughter, pink bubbles, chilli vodka and fairy cakes. I had shoulder pads, sequins and high heels and Paul had jeans, converse and a killer jacket. The kids were wild and so were some of the adults, I seemed to speak to everyone and no one in a drunken swirl.

Thank you everybody that came and helped us celebrate and sorry to those that we were unable to invite – of whom there were many. We always envisioned one of those rambling country weddings but time and the fact we had to marry in the hospital chapel meant we had to pare it down. Maybe one day we will have a big party to celebrate and invite everyone!!

Special thanks to those that helped beautify me, organise flowers and decorate, look after kids, open champagne and listen patiently while I ranted! Girls you know who you are…….thanks for the amazing presents and cards and well wishes……thanks to boys for the speeches and photography and other sundries and to Nathan and Caleb for looking so smart…thanks for all the donations that made it happen….thanks to mum and Jess for the constant and unremitting support and time and effort with Cass and Kits who love you as much as I do….thanks to the amazing families we both have! Oh there is so much to be thankful for and the most thankful I should be is for my handsome husband…..hurrah I can say that now instead of ‘partner’ (urgh) or ‘boyfriend’ (not right)……

Tiredness has crept up again will post more in the next couple of days x

Hannah Stevenson xx

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