Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mini Moon

We waited all day for the results – I think I drove Paul a little mad with my impatience. But what they said was no real surprise. The cancer has still progressed and is showing in other nodes around his body – but it isn’t ‘marching’ on as Paul puts it. We thought there was little chance it had miraculously stagnated so we were prepared for the fact it would be on the move again.

They don’t think they will ever be able to push it back into remission so the idea is to keep him healthy for as long as possible. They discussed starting him on the new drug tomorrow but they decided it wouldn’t make much difference if they start it on Monday so that he can come home for the weekend. We need him here, he needs to come home – we can have the honeymoon (or mini -moon as Natalie called it) weekend we wanted.

Paul is in pure indignant ‘fuck the disease’ mode which gives me the boost I need to be his faithful sidekick. ‘Super P’ and the ‘Marvellous Midget’ ride again in their hardest mission to date – to rid the world of ‘Master T-Cell’ and his deadly lymphocytes! He may be lurking in the dark alleys and lonely backstreets of the sleepy city, but the dynamic duo are always watchful, always alert to the sounds of his bastard footsteps………

Keep the faith people - we are xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hope you both had a great mini moon.

    Eternally chanting, 'For the love of love'!

    Aoife x

  2. Hannah, it seems like only yesterday I got your wonderful message through ‘Chemoirs’ and yet 2 months have passed already! So much has happened in that time and, reading your blog just now, I wish I had got round to it sooner. I am so sorry to read that you have been through some seriously hard shit! I can’t imagine what a rollercoaster the last few weeks in particular have been, with the wedding and then having to have such a hard conversation with Cass. Surely these are two things that should not even be occurring within the same decade let alone month. But I know only too well unfortunately the highs and lows that cancer brings and I admire the way you and Paul are handling things enormously. I know that if anyone can defy all the odds thrown at them, then it will be the two of you. I have so much faith.
    I want you to know that Paul is always in our prayers and I have sent many healing white light blessings to him! I will continue to pray for a miracle and I’ll start chanting too! Lots of love and positive thoughts to you too Hannah, you are incredible. Skye xxxxx

  3. Skye thank you - I know you know the nature of this hideous beast only too well. Sending you lots of love from here too xx