Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Just thought I should fill you in on the clinical stuff....My second to big toe has been completely numb since the wedding due to stupidly high shoes, I lost my mind and memory after one tequila shot but it returned about 10 mins later, Kitty got a cold because she stripped down to her pants, t-shirt and a headband at the reception, Cassidy sustained minor injuries by launching himself off the bed in the honeymoon suite and Paul - well the cancer hasn't brought him to knees but I think the wedding might have......

OK I know the wedding has been a little overshadowing the cancer thing but that's been a good thing. Paul actually suffered quite bad dehydration and got a bit of an infection so our honeymoon plans of being at home for the weekend didn't happen but he's felt much better since he went back in. He had a PET scan yesterday so we are waiting the results of that which should come through tomorrow which will tell us whether this chemo has done anything at all and they plan to start him on a new drug next Monday (I can't remember the name) but it's an inhibitor instead of a chemotherapy drug . I'm trying a new psychological trick for the upcoming results. I figure if I prepare myself for the fact they might tell me he only has two days to live then anything else will be a bonus - right?

Och anything is worth a try - will keep you posted x

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  1. Congratulations Hannah and Paul - We'e delighted for you, and also that we know such a glam couple. Losing feeling in your toe was worth it Hannah as you looked to fabulous. (Bound to recover soon).
    Good luck with new drug - Paul you're also looking good. Very impressed with you all...oh, and Happy Birthday to Cass.