Saturday, 26 September 2009

It’s a pain in the arse that whenever we try and have a weekend together Paul gets a bloody temperature. Same thing has happened this weekend – he was hopefully coming home for the day tomorrow but his pulse rate is ridiculously high and he has spiked a temperature a couple of times. They have stopped the drugs just to see how he feels – they are worried it is the drug that is pushing his heart rate up. He’s worried that they are going down that well trodden negative road again. We know that they are commited to making him better but it’s hard when they do ‘those’ conversations for the millionth time.

On another note we heard yesterday that the drug that was trialling in the states has been give approval by the FDA that means it is now available in the states. I have a gut feeling that this is his best shot. I don’t know at this stage how it would work in terms of administering the drug but I do know it would cost a lot of money. I would love it if you could all get your fundraising hats on. I don’t know at this stage how much we will need (I’m hopefully going to get an idea soon) but in the mean time if you could start the ball rolling that would be brilliant.

I know I am being vaugue as regards what we need but I’m thinking that if you were all prepared to raise money now and if for some reason it’s too late for Paul or it doesn’t happen then we can donate any money raised to Cancer Research. Does that sound fair and ok? So please, please sort out your quiz nights etc. I think I would rather have and not need than the other way round – someone will benefit from any money raised.

My number is 07968 197 311 or you can email me on

If you need to contact me about fundraising

Lets do it!!!!

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