Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Firstly thank you for the brilliant and touching response to my email! Really, your support and words are enough to keep me going and in turn Paul……

Just thought I would give you a quick update. The doctors did an X-Ray today and said his lungs looked slightly better which would indicate that the treatment might be working. Notice the vagueness of the statement they use, which is understandable because it is early days. But the flicker of a positive is all I need to jump astride my horse and gallop off into the sunset!

Seriously though, it is early days. The Chemo is administered in 3 week cycles and the true test occurs around day 10 of the cycle when his immune system will be zero. They will then see if the cells begin to build themselves up again. This is apparently the key to the success. I have to say that I haven’t yet read the booklet they give you on the ins and outs of Chemo as it terrified me a bit but my understanding is, that if this round of drugs doesn’t work they can and will try others.

In the mean time the fact that there is a positive effect already means that we can all have something extra to focus on when we are pouring in our good vibes to him (Emma that image of you bathing him in white light was brilliant and one I did quite a lot when he was in ICU last time and one I shall take up again). It’s a small step but an important one to him and us. Maybe we can focus on pure light and building cells like some crazed evangelical bob the builder. Actually Cass and I have been blasting his lymphocytes every night, he’s turned it into a kind of arcade game where he throws fiery balls of anti toxins at Paul and blasts them with ‘Kapows’ and ‘Kabooms’!.....quite cathartic actually……..

While I am on the subject of Cass I will demonstrate one very good reason why Paul has to get better. Namely that there is no way I can be the person to answer this boys incessant questions. These were fired at me in the toilet in the 5 mins it took Cass to have a poo:

-Is God the cleverest person in the whole world?
-Why do people think that God made everything?
-Why do women have babies and men don’t?
-Are there tiny particles inside an Atom? I told him that there are protons and neurons and Electrons. (not even sure if that’s right)
- Why are protons purple?
-Do eyeballs have reflections?

Arrrhghhhh!!!!Paul really, really has to get back soon – otherwise I am in trouble. Either that or we get Prof Montgomery in to baby-sit a bit……….

Love H ad P x

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