Wednesday, 18 March 2009

small steps....

Just a short one tonight honest!

Paul is making improvements. His chest is getting better, he is requiring less support from the ventilator but he’s still a little way off from being off it completely. They are weaning him off slowly which I’m comfortable with, rather than any sudden movements. So there will be some slow, uneventful days ahead of us hopefully where he just recuperates as much as he can. Cancer wise we won’t really know how effective the Chemo has been till they scan him after 21 days (in about a week and a half) but it seems to be going in the right direction.

He tried sitting out in a chair today which was tough for him but he’s so focused it’s unbelievable. In fact it’s a lovely thing to be newly inspired and in awe of a part of someone’s personality, when you have been with them for 13 years. Just when you thought you knew everything they go and pull some incredible trait out of a bag. Paul’s has been, not just his resilience (I always knew he was made from steel girders), but his unrelenting focus on his goal of breathing and getting better. I’ve been fussing around him trying to hook up a DVD player or some music just to while away a bit of time but he looks at me as if I am mad! He says he will do all that when he gets back up to the 13th floor. He just wants to concentrate on getting out of ITU – He does read the Guardian though – in fact the day he asked for the paper was a good one for me!

Well that’s it - time for bed – night night x


  1. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.
    All our love
    Bev, Mat, Ollie and Jem

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  3. Glad to hear he's breathing better! Ha ha the Guardian, brilliant, I imagine he's building up all that knowledge for when he can finally get into a proper debate and beat everyone to the ground with his argument.. (even if he's wrong!) take care!! Aoife