Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Here goes......


It's taken a lot of staring at the computer screen and then getting up and walking away before writing this but I do realise there are some people to whom this news will be new so I have to take the plunge. Also Paul wants me to do this, so here goes......

Last Thursday evening Paul was diagnosed (finally) with Lymphoma or to be precise 'Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma'. In the words of the doctors it is ‘advanced’ and 'aggressive' but it is also highly treatable. He is currently in UCH receiving Chemotherapy, which they started on Saturday. He is in the best hospital with the very best doctors which is such a fucking relief after the Whipps Cross disaster. Basically for those that don’t know, he had been signed off by Haematology dept of Whipps X and told to avoid doctors because his gland problems were 'reactive' (meaning reacting to a virus or infection). Neither Paul nor I were happy with this so we contacted the wonderful Professor Montgomery at UCH (who came and gave us a second opinion when Paul was in intensive care) and he agreed with us and fast tracked a referral to the Haematology dept. The upshot being that within a week and half they had performed a biopsy and given us a diagnosis.

We don't know, of course, whether they would have been able to find anything quicker than Whipps because we don't know when the Lymphoma had really taken hold. And there is a certain amount of luck involved (apparently) with finding the right node. However, what we do know is that if we had taken the advice of Whipps he would not have had much longer to live!

But instead and very luckily, he is currently on the 13 floor of UCH being given the most amazing treatment. He's tired and bored of the institution of hospital, missing his family and friends but being his usual upbeat self, taking the piss and finding the inappropriately funny things in his situation.

We would both appreciate the same amount of positive thoughts being thrown his way. I am sure that they made a difference last time. Whether it's prayers in Norwich cathedral, Buddhist chants (Tanya get Noah back on the case!) or just you’re continued good vibes floating our way. Just increase than ten fold this time.

In terms of going to see him, it is a bit of a no no at the moment because the chemo has smashed his immune system to pieces and he will be very venerable over the next couple of weeks. He's in a private room and I haven't been in since Saturday because I have a cold, which tears me apart but it has to be that way because he has to get better and we don’t want anything to jeopardise that. Ill let you all know when visits are possible.

Paul's stubbornness and intrinsic belief that he is right and his ability to have a bloody answer to everything will get him through this, my ability to wipe bottoms, pack school bags and make really tasty biscuits will get Cass, Kits and me through it too........

Must sign off now - will keep you all posted

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